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iTech Team is a selected focus group of educators at each campus who are evolving their classrooms into a digital learning environment that exemplifies a learning platform and becomes a model for other teachers to excel.  Members of the iTech Team will be provided with ongoing professional development to enhance learning in the classroom throughout the school year.


iTech Team Rewards

  • Free Apps and IT gadgets

  • Members will be attending the ESC 1's - Using Technology to Make A Difference Conference in November*

  • Members will have the opportunity to attend the ESC 1's - Technology Conference at SPI in May*


The iTech Team members will be expected to fulfill the following commitments:


  1. Model Professional Ethical Conduct, Practices and Performance.

  2. Educate and model Digital Citizenship and CyberSafety norms. 

  3. Build and model digital tools collaboratively with the support of the district Instructional Technology Facilitator and other iTech Team members.

  4. Agree to share resources with colleagues and serve as a guiding force. (Specially during iTech Day)

  5. Attend professional development sessions centered on digital learning and technology integration.

  6. Showcase teacher/students digital project(s) during school activities.

*must be approved first by Campus Principal and C & I Director

Follow your campus travel procedures.

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