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HIGH SCHOOL   Distance  Learning  Kit

How to get your Distance Learning Badge...

1.  Select the Instructional Technology Tool or an App by browsing the Distance Learning badges below. 

​2.  CHALLENGE: Watch and complete the self-paced training by clicking on the provided links. Note: most of these trainings have a video, you may pause and practice the steps at any time. If you already know how to use a technology tool from the Distance Learning Kit, click on the "Challenge Completed" to claim that badge. 

3. After completing a badge, submit it by clicking on the button "Challenge Completed". You must complete ALL the badges to claim the RISD Distance Learning Teacher Badge.   This is a Certificate with the Badges that will be posted by your classroom door to recognize your digital skills and knowledge.

Will you be the FIRST teacher to claim the RISD Distance Learning Badge? That is the question.


google voice.png

Google Voice

This app will provide you with a free "phone number" so parents can contact you without having to share your personal cell phone number. If you already have a Google Voice number, submit completion.

Step 1. Download the App "Google Voice" on your Phone

Step 2. Watch the training and follow instructions on your phone.


Complete self-paced training (video 1:23)




​Remind is a free, safe messaging app that keeps families up to date with what's happening in the classroom. Teachers can send messages to an entire class​

  1. Complete self-paced training (webinar)

  2. Create an Account if you don't have one yet.


google classroom.png

Google Classroom 

This is your MAIN classroom platform.  GC simplifies creating, distributing, and grading assignments in one c

  1. Google Classroom and the BEARKAT HUB.  How are we going to implement it as a campus? Complete self-paced training (video 0 minutes)

video meeting


Google Meet

Google Meet saves you time, keeps you organized, and allows you to connect and collaborate with your students in real time.

  1. Complete self-paced training (training site)

  2. Practice by scheduling a google meet in google calendar, email the google meet link to a colleague and connect to try out the features.

  3. Resources:




This is an App that comes with your MacBook.  You can record voice, video or your screen with presentations.  There is no time limit in length of video. You can uploads your videos to the school Google Drive to save memory storage.

  1. Complete self-paced training (video 10:39 minutes)

  2. Practice by recording yourself with one of your lessons.



This is a free Chrome extension that allows you to record up to 5 minutes and you can automatically save it in your google drive. This is a great tool for short videos/audio recordings.

  1. Complete self-paced training (video 7:45 minutes)

  2. Add the Screencastify

  3. Add Extension to google chrome 

  4. Practice by recording yourself with a short video and save it in your google drive.


LIVE Document Camera 

If you need to pre-record a video of you solving a math problem on paper, doing a science experiment, etc.  then, you may do that by recording it with your phone and then uploading the video to share it with your students. But, what if you need a document camera to teach live, while on Google Meet?  In this training you will learn how to have a document camera at home by using the app EpocCam

  1. Complete self-paced training (video 9:58 minutes)

  2. DOWNLOAD the following:

    • EpocCam​ App in your smartphone (for iPhone and for Android)

    • Computer Driver in your laptop. Find Driver HERE

  • Practice by going to Google Meet and selecting the camera EpocCam to display it in Google Meet.



Making PDF handouts fill-able

What if you have activity/assignment handouts that you would like to use as assignments? You can convert PDF files to be fillable handouts by using Google Slides.

  1. Complete self-paced training (video 8:15 minutes)

  2. Step by step self-paced training (training site)

  3. Practice by creating a PDF fillable in google slides.


Edpuzzle - Video lessons

Crop, customize, and remix online video content with interactive tool.  You can make your own recorded lesson videos interactive.

Complete self-paced training (video 14:46 minutes)

Digital Citizenship Resources


Digital Citizenship Curriculum


You are recommended to teach a Digital Citizenship Lesson per six weeks. Here is a curriculum that you can use for your students.

Bookmark this site to teach your students about Digital Citizenship.

Submit for this challenge to certify that you have been provided with a Digital Citizenship Curriculum. 

After completing all the Challenges, submit the form below, to get a printed RISD Distance Learning certificate.   

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